did you know?

am bheil fios agaibh?

Have you heard of Kilmallie’s famous sons and daughters?

  • Anne MacPhee, the mother of John Maclean (revolutionary socialist 1879 –1923, and founder of the Scottish Workers Republican Party) was born in Corpach.
  • ??? St Patrick, according to legend, was born in Banavie???

Did you know these stories about our landscape?

  • The moon has been called Lochiel’s lantern, in recognition of the Cameron clan’s reputation for ‘liberating’ cattle by night!   “Evan MacAllan’s wife’s dowry was to be the cattle that he and his clan should steal during the three first Michaelmas moons of their marriage”. (From Clan Cameron archives).
  • It is said that because Ireland doesn’t have any moles, crofters near the canalside loved to have ballast soil from Irish trading boats.
  • Across the road from the Corpach Hotel, there used to be a field that was used for shinty matches and occasional fairs.
  • “There are a number of roundels of Scots pine planted on dry knolls along the road side west of Fassfern House.   These are said to be planted to commemorate the site of the various clan camps made on the night Prince Charlie stayed at Fassfern”  (From Forest Management Plan for Fassfern Estate 1/10/10 to 30/9/20)
  • According to legend, the canal’s distinct bend at Moy, known as Gormshuil Bend, is supposed to avoid the old burial ground in fear of the spirit of Gormshuil, the Witch of Moy.   Gormshuil (meaning Blue Eye) was a 17th C witch (or rather wise woman) who warned the Clan Cameron and its chiefs of dangers and disasters.

Have you seen these books about our area?

  • The Caledonian Canal by A D Cameron, published by Birlinn, 2005
  • CALEDONIAN The Monster Canal by Guthrie Hutton, published by Stenlake, 1992
  • The Caledonian Canal Lochs, Locks and Pleasure Steamers, by Guthrie Hutton, published by Stenlake, 1998
  • Lochaber and the Road to the Isles by Christopher Uncles, published by Stenlake, 1996

Are you interested in facts and figures?

  • according to The Highland Council, Kilmallie’s population in 2011 was 1714
  • in 2012, there were 1321 people registered to vote at Kilmallie Hall, and 97 people registered to vote at Locheil Outward Bound (that’s a total of 82% of the population on the electoral roll)

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