local placenames

ainmean-àite sgìreil

Much of this info is gleaned from the Clan Cameron website pages on placenames where there’s masses more fascinating info about local place names and where almost every burn, bay and hillock in our area is identified.

Have we got any of the translations or the spellings wrong?   Do you know any stories about our local place names?   Have we missed some important ones?  Please email the website editor if you have any comments or further info.


Camaghael Cam Dhail Crooked Field
Achdalieu   Thy Liubha’s Field. (in memory of a saint)
Achanellan ??? Achadh an Eilean
or ??? Achadh An Fheallain acc to Clan Cameron website.
The OS map here shows a sizeable pocket of land completely surrounded by water, where the River Loy diverges and converges again.   Island Field seems a much more plausible explanation than Clan Cameron website’s suggested Field of the Fellon.   Thank you to David Mee for this info.
Annat Annaid The site of an early church or chapel
Badabrie Bad Abrach Marshy thicket
Banavie Banbhaidh various possible meanings – Fair Pass, Pig Stream, High Place, Fallow Land, Young Suckling Pig, Land Unplowed for a Year, Place of the Pigs???
Barr   Summit or height
Camusnaha Camus Na H-Atha Bay of the Kiln
Corpach A’ Chorpaich Place of the corpses (where the ‘noble dead’ were brought overland to await a boat to take them to Iona for burial.
Corribeg Coire Beag The Little Corrie
Drumsallie Druim Na Saileach Willow Ridge
Erracht Errachd Place of Assembly
Fassfern An Fasadh Fearna Place of the Alders
Inverskilavulin   Confluence of the Mill Burn
Kilmallie Cill Mhàlaidh Church of Saint Mhalaidh
Kinlocheil Ceann Loch Ial Head of Loch Eil
Moy Moigh Plain
Muirshearlich Magh Siorlaich Plain of Broom-rape
Puiteachan   The Swelling Knoll or Young Moorfowl Place???
Strone An T-Sron Nose-shaped promontory
Tomonie Tom Moine Hillock of the Peat Moss
Torcastle Torr A’ Chaisteil Castle of the Bluff Rock

Lochs, rivers and burns

Loch Eil Loch Ial Loch of the Glint of Sunlight
  Allt Coire Mhuillin The Mill Burn
  Allt Dogha Burdock Burn (also known as Annat Burn)
  Allt Sheangain Ant Stream
  Eas Nam Fitheach Waterfall of the Ravens (NE of Fassfern)
  Eas Nan Long Waterfall of the Ships
River Lochy Abhainn Lochaidh River of the Dark Goddess
Bridge of Shame Drochaid Sgainnir supposedly named after the murder of a cattle drover by the Macleans from Gleann Dubh Lighe


  Eilean A’ Bhealaidh Broom Island
  Eilean Na Creich Booty/Plunder Island
  Eilean Nan Craobh Island of the Trees

Hills, glens and bogs

  Am Mam The Low Hill
  Beinn An T-Sneachda Mountain of the Snow
  Coille Mhor Large Wood
  Coire Fada The Long Corrie
  Coire Odhar Dun Corrie
  Druim Fada The Long Ridge
Gulvain Gaor Bheinn Shoulder Mountain, Mountain of the Lurcher, Windy Mountain???
  Gleann Dubh Lighe Glen of the Black Flood
  Gleann Laragain Glen of the Little Pass
Glen Loy Gleann Laoigh Calf’s Glen
Blar Mor Blàr Mòr The Big Peat Moss
also commonly called Cprpach Moss.
There is confusion over the correct spelling.   It is sometimes referred to (including in Highland Council signage) as Blar Mhor, but this is incorrect.
  Gleann Suileag Sallow Glen, Glen of the Deep Pool, Glen of the notched/serrated eye???
  Gleann Fionn Lighe River of a White Rocky Place?
  Sron Liath Grey Point
  Stob A’ Ghrianan Mountain of the Sunny Hillock

Other places of interest

The Cat Rapids, The Cat Pool, and the Field of the Cat Buinn’ A’ Chait and Dail A’ Chait According to www.clan-cameron.org, “legend has it that on the advice of Gormshuil, the Witch of Moy, Ewen MacAllan Cameron, XIII Chief of Clan Cameron, slowly roasted a stray Lochaber cat in a hut in this field to learn his penance for past “indiscretions.” Soon the “King of Cats,” Cam Dubh, arrived and agreed to tell Ewen his penance if he released the smoldering cat.  When the cat was freed, it was said to have sprinted to the cliffs near Torcastle and leapt into the River Lochy.”
Banquo’s Walk Sraid Bhanco referring to the Thane of Lochaber
  Carn Phail Paul’s Grave