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Cnoc nam Faobh, the oak wood, is between the Drum Fada houses and the sawmill and rises from the main road (A830) up to and around the graveyard. On a rocky knoll, it is a prominent feature of the Corpach landscape. It is an area of about 4 hectares and contains mature oak and a mixture of birch, alder and other species. There is some regeneration of oak but not much. The area includes quite a large proportion of open boggy ground and is crossed by several power lines.

Through the oakwood and leading up to and around the graveyard there is a gravel based nature trail. Access from the neighbouring housing estate is easy as there is an unfenced boundary on the main road side and entry points either side of the graveyard. There are also the remains of old stiles leading onto the surrounding farm and hill ground.

The extreme winds of the gale that came just before Christmas 2011 did not do a great deal of damage to our woods. Other woods in the area such as the big trees at Locheil Outward Bound centre or around Achnacarry suffered a great deal but we were lucky. Perhaps it isn’t luck but an indication that the trees have a sound footing and plenty of life left in them yet. All the oak trees survived, but a few birch and alder trees on the wetter ground were blown down. But there were, however, a lot of branches broken off the trees.

Shortly after the gale, a work party had a quick look round to see if there were any serious hazards and cleared branches blocking the Oakwood path. After that we had another work party pulling down the most obvious branches that were likely to fall down. After some discussion we decided that any blown trees or branches should be left lying in the wood. It would be good for bugs and beasties that live on fallen timber and would improve biodiversity. We felt that the woods do not need to be tidied like a garden.

Species Survey

In 2010 a plant diversity survey was done as part of a country wide project in community woodlands. A complete report of the project can be seen on the Botanical Society of Scotland’s web site. At the same time as the botanical survey a partial survey of fauna was done. 

The list of species found can be seen here (pdf 5MB).

There is a lot more to be discovered!



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