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Tom Giubhais pinewood 

about the pinewood

Many but not all Corpach residents know about “The Fir Wood” in Corpach. Locals who were brought up in the area will have spent childhood days playing in it. It lies at the back of Guisach Terrace on the slope leading up to Druim Fada Hill. On the Ordanance Survey map the wood has the name Tom Giubhais. As seen from the local shops and from the canal and from to seaward and further away the mature pine adds a lot to the Corpach landscape.

The wood gives considerable pleasure to those who use it. The woodland is predominantly Scots Pine with mixed hardwoods of Oak, Birch, Rowan and Holly. Our aim must be to keep them another 100 years. In the December 2011 gale one of the largest trees blew down. Since then we have taken some tree borings and have counted the annual growth rings. The estimated age is over 180 years! The woodland has been used for recreation by the locals particularly those of Guisach Terrace when it was owned by Cameron of Lochiel and then by Wiggins Teape who acquired ownership of the site in 1964 as part of the building site for the Farrow Drive houses.


The old photograph on the right shows the pinewood as it was about 1954 – unless someone can say the date more accurately. There may be more pictures out there so if you have anything of interest it can be copied to the web site. For those with access to Google Earth try looking at Corpach and then click on “View” then “Historical Imagery” and you see the aerial view of Corpach as it was in 1945.

Species Survey

In 2010 a plant diversity survey was done as part of a country wide project in community woodlands. A complete report of the project can be seen on the Botanical Society of Scotland’s web site. At the same time as the botanical survey a partial survey of fauna was done.

The list of species found can be seen here (pdf 5MB).

There is a lot more to be discovered!


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