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Tom Giubhais, woodland management

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establishing the age of the pine trees

Alan Colquhoun has been very keen to find out just how old are the trees in the pine wood. At first he measured the diameter of all the trees and from that we decided that they were at least one hundred years old. More recently John Dye from Strontian brought his tree borer. Cores were taken from several trees. The rings are very close together and difficult to count but the latest estimate is that the big pine trees are about 180 years old.


Colin Gray’s nest boxes

Early in 2012 Colin put up several nest boxes. So far we don’t have a record of how many were used.


management issues

These photos are part of the record we have of the wood since we have owned them. Various problems have been discussed so that we can decide how the woods should be managed. Most people want to keep the woods just as they are.