Caledonian Canal

Chanàil Chaileanach

19 November 2014, Community Presentation to Scottish Canals

Minutes of KCC’s meeting that Andrew Thin (Chair of Scottish Canals) attended (pdf 211KB)

Copy of KCC’s presentation by Russell Leaper (pdf 995KB)

Latest on Scottish Canals’ (previously BWS) Development Masterplan, Corpach to Gairlochy (June 2012)

We have asked Scottish Canals (SC) for a workshop session where the community can collectively:

  • identify all the ideas/concerns that emerged from the September consultations (ensuring none get lost!),
  • discuss all the ideas and concerns raised by the community
  • prioritise the importance of issues to the community
  • agree which key themes emerge from the community views
  • explore which ideas might be feasible to carry forward and who/how/when to do so

We think these are essential steps before SC starts thinking about specific designs for specific developments.   We’re pleased that they have responded positively so far to discussing a workshop along these lines. We are discussing suitable dates for the workshop – looks like the end of September – and then we hope to agree the format of the sessions with SC in more detail.

If you attended one of the April sessions and felt it was a waste of time, please don’t be put off.   Your views, ideas, concerns are really important, so please stay involved and don’t lose heart.

Update on public sessions April 2012

British Waterways Scotland, now known as Scottish Canals (SC), held two update sessions on 19th April: one at Kilmallie Hall in the afternoon, and again in the evening at The Moorings. Some of the display boards presented by SC at these sessions can be viewed here:

Scottish Canals – About us – The Change (4.63MB)
The Caledonian Canal (1.47MB)
International Importance (4.83MB)
Challenges and Opportunities (pdf 1.25MB)
Key Themes (pdf 1.91MB)

Judging from the feedback that FOCAL (Friends of Caledonian Canal Lochaber) and KCC received afterwards, many people felt the sessions were disappointing and had not been a good use of their time. Some people were concerned that popular views and suggestions from the community had not been given fair representation by SC, and that SC’s key themes were misleadingly presented as if they had already gained community support, and other people were quite angry about the attitude of some of the SC team.

FOCAL and think the community deserves better than this, and that SC should be obliged as a public body to try a bit harder, and at least to meet the Scottish National Standards for Community Engagement.

Notice of public sessions April 2012

Thursday 19th April 2012
BWS will be presenting their proposals for new development on our local stretch of the canal, at Corpach, Banavie, Moy and Gairlochy.  They previously proposed a single public meeting.  They now propose two drop-in sessions on the same day. 
Kilmallie Hall, Corpach 2.00 – 4:30pm
The Moorings Hotel, Banavie, 5:00 – 8:00pm

What developments are they proposing?
Have they taken the community views (pdf 992KB) into account (that were expressed at the consultation in Sept 2011)?
Please go along and find out!

KCC and FOCAL (Friends of Caledonian Canal Lochaber, a subgroup of the Kilmallie Community Company) were disappointed that the timing of the originally planned public meeting did not make it easy for members of the community to attend.  The extra session now proposed by BWS will hopefully make it easier for a few more people to attend, but we are very disappointed that they have changed it to drop-in sessions as it makes it harder for the community to hear each others views. 

Email from John Duff (BWS’s ‘Community Engagement Specialist’ to FOCAL 08/03/12 (pdf 66KB)

BWS Waterspace Strategy Public Consultation

Info (received Feb 2012) about this further public consultation
This consultation covers the whole of the canal from Corpach to Inverness, but is also very pertinent to what happens locally at Corpach, Banavie, Moy and Gairlochy.
If you wish to contribute comments and ideas, you can either attend the one-off event on 14 April 2012 or submit your comments by deadline of 11 May 2012.

Update on BWS Development Masterplan, Corpach to Gairlochy

As of Feb 2012, we have as yet heard nothing following BWS’s community consultation at The Moorings in Sept 2011.

BWS Development Masterplan, Corpach to Gairlochy, Community Consultation

BWS held their community consultation event at the Moorings Hotel on 28-29 September 2011. 

KCC compiled a partial record of the contributions made by the community (pdf 992KB) as far as we were able.  As at March 2012, KCC have not yet been given any complete record of the event by BWS, in spite of us requesting one.

Edinburgh architects to plan canal development from Corpach to Gairlochy

As of July 2011, British Waterways Scotland (BWS) are embarking on a DEVELOPMENT MASTERPLAN for the whole of the lowest stretch of the Caledonian Canal, from Corpach to Gairlochy, most of which is within our Kilmallie area. They have already appointed an Edinburgh firm of architects to carry out the task. The Plan will identify sites along the canal for new building development.

implications for our area?

Their masterplan proposals could have huge implications for our community and our environment.

  • Would you like to see a major tourist development at Banavie?
  • Would you like to see more facilities at the play park at Neptune’s Staircase car park or would you be happy to lose this as part of a new development?
  • Would you like to see better slip access for local people’s boats?
  • Should there be a marina at Corpach?
  • Should new housing be built along the canal?
  • How can we improve the canal for our local community?

more info

boats at Banavie

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