photo galleries

There’s no limit to the number of photo galleries we can have on our site, or to the number of photos in any one gallery… so this is part of the website that can grow and grow…  see the full range of photos on the gallery library page.

Why not share your own photos?

We’d love to have any pictures that would be interesting to other Kilmallie folk, especially pictures that record the events, activities, places and people of our area.

A little or a lottle, old or new

Send us a single photo, to start a new gallery or add to an existing one, or send us your own wee collection or even a big collection (though best to get in touch first to discuss).

Photos should be clear and in focus, but they don’t need to be brilliant photographic quality.   We will value the pictures as much for their community interest as for their photographic quality.   Though it would be great to have some cracking good professional quality photos and some arty ones too.   Black and white is fine, as well as colour.

We’d love lots of historical photos as well, which we will share with Magnus Ritch’s fantastic Kilmallie Image Library, so please rummage through your lofts and old albums.   Please remember that photos don’t have to be 50 years ago to be of historic or social interest – photos from 10 or 20 years ago are fascinating too.

How to send your photos

If you think you’ve got something suitable, please email the website editor with details (please don’t email the photos in the first instance unless it’s just one or two).

  • photos preferably in digital format, as jpegs.   But if you only have prints, ask us and we may be able to scan them for you.
  • digital images should preferably be high resolution
  • please tell us who took the pictures, and as much detail as you can about what is in each picture
  • pictures must be free of any copyright restriction
  • pictures of children must have the permission of their parent or guardian before we can use them on the website
  • please say if you want the picture attributed to you, or if you prefer to be anonymous

But the decision whether or not to include any photo or gallery on the website is entirely KCC’s.