Blar Mor, July 2012

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On our visit in early July the stark comparisons were more than just visual. It wasn’t just the lush greens of the leafy carpet and woodland canopy (in the so-far undisturbed areas) in contrast to the desolated vegetation and black brown spoil heaps and scars of excavated peat. But the heady invigorating fragrance of bog myrtle had to compete with the noxious stench given off by the newly-decomposing newly-exposed peat. And the clatteryclack of the compacting machines was unremittingly deafening (amazingly no ear defenders being worn by the contractors we saw). Caterpillars were abundant, unfortunately not the living kind but mechanical – the photos this month bring you a catalogue of earth-moving machinery interspersed with some pretty portraits, some hairy close-ups and some intimate sex!

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