Blar Mor, June 2012

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It’s not just the seasons that are changing on the Blar – this month sees the start of its destruction to make way for the new Tesco supermarket.   So June was a month of some glorious greens and some devastating browns.  In the as yet undisturbed pockets, we enjoyed the gnarliness of the mature trees, the fresh greenth of the woodland carpets of lush grass, oxalis and bilberry, the holes that were home to small and not so small creatures… But we were awed by the short shrift that the mechanical diggers had given to the landscape – all around us mosses and grasses were shrivelling and dying, the young birch broken and trodden into the mud, the peat denatured by compaction and excavation.   A gloomy visit, but we were pleased we had managed to capture some of the Blar’s beauty in the months before the diggers arrived.

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