Dawn Chorus workshops

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Banavie, May 2012

It may be perfectly light at four in the in the morning, but it’s still the middle of the night as far as the average human body clock is concerned. However, undeterred (well, almost undeterred) by this little issue, we merrily bundled ourselves down to the Moorings Hotel on 19th May to meet up with Stephen Wiseman from The Waterways Trust for a dawn chorus walk. This was part of a series of events organised by Stephen based around the Caledonian Canal to encourage us to get to know it better. The walk, along and around the canal at Banavie, gave us the chance to listen to all the springtime birds giving it some feathery welly at their most vocal time of the day; and to make the most of Stephen’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for identifying all their different calls. Chaffinches were easy to get the hang of; we could soon tell a coal tit from a great tit; a nice smattering of warblers kept us on our toes; and there was even a friendly cuckoo around, just to make everyone feel they’d really cracked it. It was a fun and informative morning – many thanks to Stephen for organising. (SC)