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Locheilnet’s first birthday 05/09/14

Locheilnet 1st Anniversary was celebrated on 5th September at Outward Bound Locheil. The weather was ideal – blue sky, bright evening sunshine, no wind and no midges – what more could anyone ask for! 30 – 40 people gathered for this event and there was such a buzz – the enthusiasm and sense of achievement was tangible! There was so much chatting, people catching up with one another and so many smiley faces! A lovely buffet and drinks were enjoyed and a birthday cake was cut and handed round.

In their first year Locheilnet have managed to connect 180 customers to fast broadband, from Glenfinnan to Achnacary , GlenLoy and Torlundy. They have a waiting list and hope to connect another 120 in the near future. This could not have been done without the support of their sponsors.

This scheme is a shining example of a rural problem being highlighted and the community guided by a resident who took up the challenge and didn’t give up until the scheme was planned, the funding in place, the masts assembled and the connections to the properties completed. Chris Pellow is the lady who has been involved in this project from the start, along with the many volunteers who have supplied the technical know-how and the labour energy. It seems that there were many dedicated people willing to be part of this project. It is a great example of ‘a can do attitude’.  Very many congratulations to everyone involved!

Anyone wanting more information should look at their website www.locheilnet.co.uk or contact them on 01397 773128 between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.