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Corpach, May 2012

After the success of the photography workshop last December, The Waterways Trust organised another workshop run again by local professional photographer John MacPherson.  John perfectly combined a readiness to share his skills and experience in photography with a keenness to demystify the process of taking creative images, giving us all the confidence to get stuck in. We spent a very enjoyable couple of hours at Corpach experimenting with different ways of looking at the natural and man-made environment of the canal, much of it from the viewpoint of lying on our bellies! We all came away with renewed inspiration, and some great photos too, some of which can be seen on The Waterways Trust’s Caledonian Canal Image Library website.

Corpach, Dec 2011

It was grim weather but the workshop was great!   All thanks to photographer John Macpherson, Caledonian Canal Heritage Officer Stephen Wiseman, and The Waterways Trust for a fantastic free community event.