Our role in the Planning Process

As a Community Council, we do not have responsibility for determining planning applications. But as a statutory consultee we are invited to comment on all planning applications within Kilmallie’s boundaries.  We are also invited to comment on the preparation of The Highland Council’s development plans.

Our role is to find out, co-ordinate and express the views of the community to the planning authority.

Our policy for dealing with planning applications

We only concern ourselves with planning applications that have implications for the Kilmallie community. We do not normally get involved in commenting on domestic applications, or small scale commercial applications, even where there are local neighbour objections, unless there are wider community issues to be considered.

Need advice on how to make a planning application?

The Planning Office dealing with our area is

Lochaber Planning and Building Standards Office
Fulton House
Fort William
PH33 6XY
Tel: (01397) 707 015
Fax: (01397) 707 022

More info from The Highland Council is available online here.

Recent changes to the format of regional and local development planning

The Highland Council’s development plans set out the policies that they will use when considering planning applications.

In the past our regional development planning strategy was laid out in the ‘Highland Structure Plan’ and local development planning strategies were covered in a series of ‘Local Plans’, ours being the ‘Lochaber Local Plan’.

This changed in 2010. The strategic document covering the Highlands as a whole is now termed the ‘The Highland wide Local Development Plan’. Our local plan is now called the ‘West Highland and Islands Local Plan’ which has a section dedicated to Lochaber.

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