the Highland wide Local Development Plan

Innleachd Leasachadh na Gàidhealteachd

The current plan

The “Highland wide Local Development Plan” sets out the strategic policies that The Highland Council will use when considering planning applications.    It contains 79 specific policies that cover:

  • sustainable communities
  • a sustainable adaptable economy
  • safeguarding our environment
  • sustainable development and climate change
  • and a healthier Highland.

The current Proposed Plan covers the long term vision up until 2030.

The public consultation on the Plan ran from 24/09/10 to 03/12/10.   Regrettably there was no Kilmallie Community Council in place at that time, so we were unable to gauge our community’s views on the Plan, or to influence the content of the Plan.

The 2030 vision for the West Highlands and Islands

The Highland Council’s vision for the West Highlands and Islands area says that by 2030 we will:

  • be better connected.   Improvements to the A82 and urban link road improvements at Fort William “will have relieved local and regional economic constraints”. “Better facilities for ferry, rail, inter-modal freight transfer (particularly at Corpach), Caledonian Canal freight movements and marine access will have helped economic growth”.   We will have “better active travel (walking and cycling) and public transport access to greenspace and schools”.   We will have “adequate water, sewerage, broadband and electricity networks”.
  • have more efficent public service provision;
  • have more affordable housing;
  • have a more diverse economy;
  • have rationalised but protected our lifeline sevices;
  • be re-connected with our land and natural resources;
  • have a greater and more diverse age profile of population;
  • be a place of outstanding natural and cultural heritage.   “Heritage assets including the landscape and wildlife will have been safeguarded and enhanced. The high quality of life and economic opportunities associated with these assets will be helping to increase and maintain population levels.”
  • have re-established and promoted our unique identity “as a centre for Gaelic culture and language and as an internationally renowned “outdoor” destination”.

Do you agree with these goals?

Please get in touch and let us know if you agree or disagree with any of these goals in principle, or if you become aware of any current proposals that would jeopardise the achievement of these goals in our area.

Some of these goals may have a significant impact on our area, for better or worse depending on your point of view.  These are notably:

  • road improvements to A82 and Fort William link roads;
  • the potential for improved “inter-modal” freight transfer facilities at Corpach;
  • freight movements on the Caledonian Canal.

Have your say!

If you have strong views either way, please get in touch.   Everyone in our community is entitled to a voice about what happens here.   If we know what the community’s views are, we can try to represent them to The Highland Council.

How is our area classified in the Highland wide Local Development Plan?

Almost all of the Kilmallie Community Council area is defined as “hinterland” in the Proposals map and is covered by Policy No 36,which states that there is a presumption “against housing in the open countryside”  though with numerous exceptions.

There are a few small pockets of land that are defined as being of national, local or regional importance and covered by Policy No 59 which relates to Protected Species.

Corpach and Blar Mor are identified as sites where The Highland Council will support strategic business and industrial developments.

Fort William is defined as our sub-regional centre.

Future supplementary guidance – Core Path Plan Lochaber

According to the Plan, this is apparently awaiting the result of enquiry by Scottish ministers.

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