planning applications

iarrtasan dealbhaidh

This web page lists just those recent planning applications that the Community Council has considered or responded to. We only concern ourselves with planning applications that have implications for the Kilmallie community. We do not normally get involved in commenting on domestic applications, or small scale commercial applications, even where there are local neighbour objections, unless there are wider community issues to be considered.

On The Highland Council’s eplanning webpages, you can

  • find a specific planning application;
  • view a list of all applications in our area;
  • and view all applications validated or determined in any particular week or month.

Recent applications under consideration by KCC

If you have views on any of the applications listed here, please contact us urgently.

11/03567/MSC Tesco, Blar Mor

If you have concerns about an application not listed here

Please get in touch with us urgently, as there is not much time for us to consider whether there are community implications, to gather views, and to make representations or request an extension of time.

Whether or not the Community Council makes representations, you may also make your own individual representations on any application direct to the Planning Department. There is useful advice on how to do this in the Planning Aid for Scotland’s leaflet “How do I get involved in Planning Applications?” (pdf 74KB) though it is slightly out of date in that the eplanning system is now up and running.