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Related Projects

The A830 Corpach Group was formed during 2020 to consider the management and maintenance of the A83o as it passes through Kilmallie.  In January 2021 the Group produced a report which can be downloaded here.  The Kilmallie Community Council has agreed to take forward its recommendations to the relevant authorities.  

Neighbouring Community Councils

You can connect with our neighbouring community councils by clicking on their names below:



Fort William, Inverlochy and Torlundy



Neighbouring community companies

Caol Regeneration Company

Fascinating archive sites

Am Baile for information about Highland history and culture. Who Owns Scotland for information about land ownership in the Highlands and elsewhere.

Sites relating to the Caledonian Canal

John MacPherson’s album of Sail Caledonia 2012 includes lots of photos of our stretch of the canal.

Other interesting sites

Reforesting Scotland’s info on community fuelwood

Councillors, MSPs and MPs

They work for You lets you find out what your MP or your MSP is doing in your name.