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Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Cill Mhálaidh

Kilmallie Community Council

Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Cill Mhàlaidh 

Banavie Quarry Liaison Group
Buidheann Ceangal Cuaraidh Bhanbhaidh

About the quarry liaison group

Banavie Quarry is operated by Breedon Aggregates. Planning permission for continued operations at Banavie Quarry was granted in April 2004 subject to the establishment of a liaison group to address issues associated with the impact of quarry operations on the local community.

The liaison group is chaired by the company area director and includes three nominated near-neighbours, a representative of the Kilmallie community council, the local planning officer, the local area roads engineer, the company production manager and the local Councillor. The group meets 3-4 times per year. Discussions include planning condition compliance, reviewing quarry developments, future workload, environmental matters, received complaints and actions taken.

About the quarry liaison group

An ongoing issue has been road safety on the quarry access road and the group has agreed a code of practice for HGV drivers and continues to monitor the situation. All complaints from local residents regarding noise or dust are also discussed by the group. The group has also addressed issues with lighting and notification to neighbours of blasting.

If you have concerns

If you have any concerns related to the operation of the quarry please contact a member of the group. If you are experiencing higher than usual noise levels or dust then please also contact the quarry as soon as possible so that the problem can be investigated.

Members of the liaison group

The current members of the group are:-

Bob Gordon –Support Services Director, Breedon Aggregates (Chair of the Liaison Committee)

Neil Forbes – Regional Director, Breedon Aggregates

Colin Morison – Regional Production Manager, Breedon Aggregates

Andy Sutherland – Area Quarry Manager, Breedon Aggregates

Ronnie Maclean – Resident

Gerald McIntyre – Resident

Russell Leaper – Resident/Kilmallie Community Council

Councillor Bill Clark

Susan Poole – Highland Council, Planning Department

Mark Crowe – Highland Council, TEC Services

Minutes of meetings

Pdfs of the minutes of the meetings can be viewed by clicking on the links below. We are missing some from our archive: if you have a digital copy of any of the missing ones, we’d be very grateful if you could email it to us, or send us a photocopy if you only have it on paper. Many thanks.


A Photo for the New Year

We are grateful to recently retired councillor Ben Thompson for our New Year photograph.   Since he has been spending more time with his family they

Roderick MacPhee, Postie

It was with some disbelief and great sadness that Kilmallie learned of the sudden death of Roddy MacPhee our Postie. It took a few days

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